Marina Richter

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Collage project for uni. 


Man with headache.

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Spent the first week of the holidays doing jack sqwat, I know fmp is coming to an end but it’s not sinking in just how much work I have left to do and eating out and trips to hastings seem like so much more fun! Definitely going to crack down though from today on, getting my camera developed and hopefully taking alfie to the zoo in the week.

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Childhood Nostalgia

Learning to ride a bike. Climbing trees. Donkey rides on Broadstairs beach. Clapping games. Skipping games. Marbles. Conkers. Penny sweets. Days out to Howletts Zoo. One whole summer spent collecting baby frogs to put in my barbie doll house. Chinese burns. Camping under the table in a den made of pillows and blankets. Disneyworld. Doctors and nurses. Mud pies. Waiting hours and hours and hours for sunday lunch to be ready and then getting served last. Lying in bed late at night, wondering if the bumps I heard where real or just my imagination.

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For anyone that’s curious, I did have another work tumblr account called ‘wherever it leads’ however I deleted my gmail and so my tumblr & blogger was deleted along with it. Pretty damn annoying but nothing I can do about it.

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Ridicously in love with liv’s illustrations, some real inspiration!

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